Within the Junior School, students in Years 5 and 6 work towards achieving their Ambassador Badges, which are a recognition of demonstrated leadership. To be recognised as a College Ambassador, students have to firstly meet core criteria which include personal academic achievement and behaviour that is worthy of positive recognition. Being an Ambassador means setting an example to younger students which is also shown through active involvement in all College carnivals in a spirit of participation and house collegiality.

Finally, students must contribute to the College through involvement in cultural, representative sporting participation or service activities. Students can be awarded their Ambassador Badge at the beginning of Year 6 and any time throughout this year, which is their final year within the Junior School.


Every year a team of Middle School Leaders is selected from within the Year 9 year group, after a process of student and staff voting, formal interviews and induction.

The Leadership team is given responsibility to organise lunchtime activities and House competitions, and represent the College at formal occasions across the year. Middle School Leaders shadow our Senior School Prefect team through the their portfolios.

The College has intentionally provided this leadership opportunity at the centre of the adolescent years. We believe that if you provide students with opportunities and combine these with positive encouragement, then students will excel. Our leaders have become an integral part of our Middle School culture and are powerful role models with considerable positive peer influence within the student group.


The Senior School provides a broad range of opportunities for students to formally serve in positions of leadership from their commencement in Year 10 all the way through to the conclusion of Year 12. Year 12 students, by virtue of their seniority, are leaders in our College but there are a number of other formal positions to which students may either be elected or appointed including traditional roles of College Captain, College Vice Captain, Prefect, and House Captain. Our prefects serve through their portfolios of responsibility encouraging all senior students to participate in leadership across the College. "At Calvary you don't need a badge to be a leader."