25 FEBRUARY 2019 


We are very proud of the achievements of our 2018 Year 12 students. Their OP results were very pleasing with Calvary ranked second highest in Logan and 77th in the State.

This compares very favourably with other schools in our local area. Always keen to improve our performance metrics in the area of academic achievement, we have set ourselves even higher targets for 2019 and I am confident our 2019 cohort will RISE UP in response to this challenge. 

You will be aware that I have quoted the Melbourne Declaration (2008). My significant takeaway from the document is the goals it has that centre on excellence and equity for ALL young Australians. For us the memorable line is for each child "an education worth having" and we take this seriously at Calvary, personalising design for learning for each child.  

Metrics such as that which is used publicly to compare school's OP results do not reflect a rich understanding of providing excellence, tailored to each child's needs. This metric does not celebrate the significant achievement of our students across Vocational Education and Training, the number of Certificate II and III courses completed by this cohort, and their achievements in the sporting and cultural arenas. Across the year you will see us celebrate a wide variety of student achievement covering learning in diverse contexts. One way we do this is through offering Academic Scholarships.


Academic scholarshipsare offered to students (both internal and external) who perform at exceptional levels on the ACER scholarship tests.

These tests are set for students in Year 6 prior to entry to Year 7 and students in Year 9 prior to entering Year 10. They are used by many schools across Australia. Objective testing, scored by an outside provider, makes this process transparent and fair. Candidates can access their personal results. Scholarship winners will be announced before the end of Term 2.

In keeping with our vision, which values an educational experience that reflects far more than academic learning, we have a revitalised process for awarding General Excellence Scholarships. This process, which comes into effect this year for scholarships from January 2020, will be shared with our community and the general public later this term. 

The scholarship is awarded annually, can be renewed, and acknowledges a student's learning progress, development of effective learning habits, co-curricular contribution as well as contribution to the community, primarily through expression of our College strategic objectives: Exceptional Learning, Vibrant Community and Authentic Discipleship.

Interested students will have at least six months to prepare a portfolio for the scholarship application, attend an interview with a scholarship panel during Term 3 and scholarship holders will be announced by the end of Term 3 for 2020. General Excellence Scholarships are available to students in Years 5 - 12 in the year they hold the scholarship.


I would like to update you on some impending staff changes as the following people move into their next season in life:

a)   Mrs Lorraine Griffith who works in our IT department is retiring at the end of this term. We will celebrate with Lorraine for not only her many years at Calvary but also on reaching this important milestone in her life.

b)   Mrs Amy Greijdanus (Biology and Science Learning Designer in MSS) is going on Long Service Leave from weeks 6 - 10 this term. We wish her an enjoyable and refreshing time away as we welcome Mrs Clare Low (our talented Intergenerational Pastor who also works with us a Learning Designer) and Mr Patrick Batch, who is  well known in our community, to work with her classes. 


c)    Mrs Gillian Coote finishes up her time at Calvary on 8 March. As the Coote family prepares for their relocation to Sydney, we pray that all goes smoothly and we thank them, once again, for their valued contribution to the Calvary story.


d)   Mrs Anne-Maree Russell from Early Years (Kingdom Kids) leaves us as she seeks to spend more time with her young family. We thank Anne-Maree for her service to our community and pray that God walks with her and her family. 


e)   Mr Charles Edwards has served us as a Chaplain and Learning Assistant across the last five years. Charles will finish his time with us at the end of the term. Please join us in wishing Charles well in his next adventure and thanking him for the impact he has had on many young lives in our community.

Warm Regards

Acting Principal & CEO
Cherylynne Gostelow