Centre For Innovative Learning Design

In order to be agile and flexible educators who design personalised learning for each child, we acknowledge the need to be research-informed and evidence-based in our practices. Operating as a Centre for Innovative Learning Design, Calvary Christian College seeks to embed these attributes in our practices.

We invite all stakeholders to partner with us in the learning journey of our students. We believe lifelong learning extends to all in our community and CILD parent seminars are held regularly where parents are invited to engage more closely in the work we are doing and become more fully informed partners in their children's education. Students at Calvary have voice and are beginning to contribute to this dialogue.

Working closely with ISQ, Harvard graduate School of Education and our CILD, teachers are consistently engaging in action research. In our commitment to provide "for each child an education worth having" (Melbourne Declaration, 2008), our passion is to design learning opportunities that meet specific need.

We embrace learning by stage rather than age where each student is encouraged to take the next steps in their learning, whether that is a challenging extension opportunity or the development of strategies to learn effectively despite a learning disability or area of challenge. Committed to a philosophy of developing growth mindsets, we enact a community culture where every child can learn and every child can be exceptional in their learning.

Research has shown that the human brain responds differently when we learn using computer technology and when we handwrite and draw our understanding of concepts. Responsive to digital disruption in the world of work and of learning we include learning in a digital environment as well as working with books, handwriting and pen! Lesson design offers a balance between the computer and pen as learning tools.

Digital technology can be found in use across our College along the P-12 learning journey.

In Middle and Senior School our students enjoy a personal laptop program as well as a more traditionally based pen and paper learning environment. Most of the time these are blended and students may have some choice of medium for engagement with learning.

Student designed inquiry questions, collaborative projects, diverse delivery modes; working alone, working together; explicit instruction; reciprocal teaching; and problem based learning can all be identified in the suite of strategies for learning employed by our learning designers.