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Calvary has a camp based outdoor education program designed toward fostering year level teamwork, positive social interaction, spiritual growth and individual personal development. Camps and year level activities form an essential component in developing character, resilience and personal achievement within students. Camps are complemented by Year Level projects in ‘non-camp’ years. All students are expected to participate as part of the holistic education program. Costs are kept at a minimum.

Camping/Year Level Activities:

  • Year 5: Lake Ainsworth trip

  • Year 6: Sydney Canberra trip

  • Year 7: Camp Kenilworth Residential Program

  • Year 8: Camp Kenilworth Camping Program 

  • Year 9: Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

  • Year 10: Calvary Business Week

  • Year 11: Emu Gully: ANZAC Leadership Camp

  • Year 12: Personal Development and Service Program, and Snow Tour (optional)