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iLearn2020 Framework 

As a 21st century Christian learning community, Calvary Christian College recognises and embraces the importance of new technologies, communication and collaboration in providing modern learning experiences which are God-centred, use appropriate digital technologies and are authentic and relevant to our students. To read more about the Calvary iLearn2020 Framework, click here: iLearn2020.

1:1 Program
Why pursue a 1-1 Programme?

We live in a rapidly changing and increasingly technological society and we believe it is important that students are prepared, skilled and confident for this digital world.

The College has a strong commitment to the 1-1 Programme which began in 2005 and it opens up new and exciting opportunities for learning in an interactive and dynamic manner. The 1-1 Programme in conjunction with our Student Café portal has increasingly become the focus of Calvary Christian College because it offers students the opportunity to access “anywhere, anytime learning”.

With each new development come both benefits and risks. The College has previously determined that “Christian educators should use ICT in accordance with a Christian worldview” so the College staff seek to use ICT to improve learning outcomes, teaching methodology and curriculum richness. Please click here for: Acceptable Use Policy


Calvary Christian College is committed to the cyber-safety of our staff and students and to creating and maintaining a cyber-safety culture which is in keeping with the values of the school, and legislative and professional obligations.